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Zdeněk Pohlreich

The most distinctive personality of Czech culinary scene in recent years. A successful businessman, moderator, publisher of books, but also an enthusiastic sportsman in an indispensable part of the team, not only at Cafe Imperial.

Jan Curylo

Restaurant manager a head sommelier Jan joined Zdeněk Pohlreich and Lukáš Koubek´s team as an ordinary waiter at Café Imperial 10 years ago. Gradually, due to his diligence, he worked his way up and was given the opportunity to use his knowledge of wine as the Head Sommelier at the Divinis Restaurant. He transferred his love for wine to his professional career. He attended several foreign and domestic courses for sommeliers and wine merchants. Jan is the Commissioner of the Prague […]

Miro Čornanin

Executive chef MC fell in love with Italian cuisine during his studies when he completed an internship in northern Italy in the Lombardy region at San Lucio Events Company. Since 2005, Miro has obtained valuable experience in the UK where he worked in and around London. He decided to settle in Prague in 2011 to strengthen the Divinis restaurant team and has become  a chef last year. His creativity, sense for detail and balance for flavour make him coveted MasterChef.